Monday, 24 October 2016

Woohoo! $987. I feel confident that we'll reach our target when all the head and neck people converge on Auckland for the surgeon's conference.

To pledge any small or larger amount that you can afford, see the link below. Remember, it is for a website that will be part of the first ever online head and neck cancer community in New Zealand. Is there one in Australia? I don't think so. There are Facebook groups but a comprehensive website ... I'm not so sure.

Very excited about providing this service and hope we can meet people's needs. A really good website incurs some cost however, so we hope people can help us in any way they can.


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  1. managed itWe are a WOSB and other certifications are in the works such as SBA8a, EDWOSB and MBE. We have worked with cities and state clients.